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Buyers and Sellers Guide

Before you buy or sell a home, make sure you keep the following tips in mind to save time and avoid trouble. The first tip is to contact Richard E. Kerr, Realtor in the Tri-Cities.

Buyers guide

  • Secure your financing
  • Once you start to seriously entertain thoughts of buying a home, keep finances uppermost in your mind. Maintain a good credit score and credit rating by keeping a close eye on both and fixing any discrepancies. Then, apply for a mortgage loan preapproval from lenders who will check your assets, credit history, income, debt, etc. This will show you how much you can borrow towards buying a home. For more information and to secure preapproval visit the Financing page of this website.

  • Search houses
  • This is the fun part of the process. Look for homes, check out, that are within the average price range of your preapproved loan limit. Take the time to make sure you find a home that meets all your needs – and perhaps some of your wants too. If you are not finding what you want, ask Richard.

  • Hire Richard E. Kerr
  • You need a real estate professional to help you secure the home you want painlessly. Richard E. Kerr looks after your best interests, gives you years of specialized experience, and can expertly handle mountains of paperwork, negotiations, market analysis, and more. Richard will vastly improve your home buying experience.

  • Make an offer
  • Once you find the perfect property, be ready to make an offer quickly. It’s important to come up with a reasonable offer based on similarly priced homes in the area. Be ready to negotiate with real estate professional Richard E. Kerr by your side. Richard is a skilled negotiator with his Master of Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) designation.

  • Close the deal
  • After Richard has successfully negotiated on a price, you’ll then head onto the closing stage, which involves a title clearance, and a pile of documents to sign. If you have questions about this process, be sure and ask Richard, who will only be too happy to explain the process to you. Barring hiccups like misspelled names on documents, you’ll walk away from the closing with the keys to your new home.

Sellers guide

  • Prepare your home
  • Determine if your home is ready to sell as it is or if it needs improvements to make it more attractive to buyers and command a better price. Research home improvement tips that add the most value to your home when selling. Richard can be valuable in the preparation and staging process.

  • Put it on the market
  • Richard will explain the listing price. Too low and you’ll lose out; too high and no one will buy. At this stage, Richard’s expertise comes well into play, as he is experienced in selling homes in your area. He will help you analyze the market, come up with a sales strategy, and advice you on other important considerations.

  • Market your home
  • Richard’s MBA in Marketing is well suited to this stage of the sale. He will advertise your home by every means available to make sure it gets noticed by prospective buyers. Some ways to market your home includes posting on real estate listing websites and social media, putting up yard signs, and taking out ads in local or community papers or sites. Richard has an abundance of experience in creating a great marketing strategy to sell your property.

  • Negotiate offers
  • Be prepared to receive, consider, and negotiate offers. Take plenty of time to consider each one. Let Richards master negotiation skills guide you through this process, including having the prospective buyer deposit a down payment to be held in escrow.

  • Close the deal
  • Be prepared to have the buyer make a final walkthrough of your home to make sure the conditions are the same as when they first saw it, or if agreed-upon improvements have been made. Richard E. Kerr’s suggestion for a Title Company will ensure the buyer’s lender that the property can be legally transferred to the new owner. All aspects of the closing will be meticulously handled by Richard.All that is left is for you to do is to sign the final documents. Richard will ensure the sale has been recorded, hand over the keys to the new owner and – voila! – your home is sold.